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Investing to yourself, you can benefit most of all as this is something you will never lose – it will stay with you during the whole life.Title: Captured Miracle Author: Alannah Carbonneau Age group: Mature Adult Genre: Dark Erotic Release date: 29th May, 2014 Sometimes the darkest of hearts are the most blinding. In his quest for her heart, Calix pushes her past her barriers and tests her every limit. Captured Miracle is the first novel in what will be a three book series. 3.75 STARS Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of If you’re familiar with this author’s style of writing and haven’t read the first book in the Captured Miracle Novel #1, you’re going to be in for one hell of surprise. I went in completely ignorant to the fact that it’s a dark read. He infused himself within my life – my mind – my body – and my heart. As Nova tries to keep Calix from pushing his way past her barriers, his determination to capture her heart in the same way he captured her body grows. Terrified of forcing the men to act on their threats to harm her mother and sisters, Nova agrees to allow them to cart her from the safety of her home. A dark and captivating man determined to have her as his wife – and every other way.If there was one or two teeny-weeny issues which bothered me in this read, it would have to be the repetitiveness in places and not having Calix’s point of view.Fortunately, the story with it’s fair share of intrigue, outweighs this setback. Carbonneau, bravo to you for your not such a dark read!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored the written word. My writing started out as poetry, which then evolved to songs, and later into novels.

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Once they were theoretically out of the firing line, she gives it all she’s got regardless of the consequences. Thus, when she did, I was a fairly disappointed in her.

Nevertheless, since she was forced into an uncertain existence against her will, I tried my best to put myself in her shoes. How I wish you’d been more of a badass because it would most certainly have suited you.

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