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As far as the menu goes, it’s simple and crafty feel-good food. Duane: A lot of times when restaurants fail it’s for different reasons. It has a side patio with cabanas, couches and tv’s.

Tisha Campbell Martin: (Laughs) We stole the sous chef from another restaurant because he’s so amazing. It could be that it’s in a bad location, under funded, so again, there are so many variables as to why one’s business might not be successful. People hang out while a deejay plays soft sexy music.

The money you received is on behalf of your clients and for the last two decades we have been.

Then I requested that they send us a list of who they’re helping. We know that City National only loans in Beverly Hills.

We had a lake home and we said to them, “Hey guys why don’t you modify our loan?

” They said, “Send us a hardship letter.” I refused because that would be a lie and a federal offense.

We didn’t want to come out and be on Entertainment Tonight. Tisha: We let Holly Robinson Peete who’s a longtime friend of ours use it for a show she’s shooting herself.

caught up with the pair to discuss how they are sating appetites, filing voids and the real-deal behind their legal woes. We had a soft launch open for those in the community because I wanted them to know that this is their restaurant and not exclusive to [celebrities]. Tisha: (Laughs) Well I’m busy taking care of the kids and when I do come I host a little bit. We puree raspberries and lemons to add the coloring to the bread pudding and it’s a hit.Even when you watch [the movie] Scarface, the banker went to his house! Duane: I’m actually working with Maxine Waters on this. Duane: I’m doing “Real House Husbands” which we call an unreality show because we’re spoofing reality.Four years ago before the market crash, I held a seminar to educate a lot of athletes and entertainers to encourage them to go with a bank that is going to reinvest back into our communities and build barbershops and other businesses and not put it back in Beverly Hills to open another [posh] restaurant. We’re spoofing ourselves about things that we actually have going on.This restaurant is what we call New American food — a little more upscale fusion cuisine with tastes of all these different cultures. What was your son’s reaction when he learned you’d named it after him? Xen.” Tisha: If you could have seen the look in his eyes. Another thing is that when you’re trying to be a fast second or fifth then you jump off a roof, but if you go into a situation and you hear enough of your friends say, “You know what we need…” or “You know what I wish we had…”, that’s a real thing and a real need that can be supplied. Inside there’s a seven-foot Buddha where you can’t hear the music in the front and you’re able to enjoy an entirely different experience.Duane: We didn’t tell him right away, but I remember the day I did tell him and said you know we have a restaurant now. Tisha: Well, starting any new business can be risky, but we always like to believe we’re filling a void. Tisha: It’s become a hotspot in the short time we’ve opened.

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