Updating perl cpan

Generate ebuilds and drop them in the overlay, but never call portage.Useful for generating a tree of ebuilds without having permissions to portage.Write permission to the defined DISTFILES directory will still be needed Attempt to upgrade any ebuilds generated by g-cpan to newer versions.This option will create new ebuilds for those that exist in your overlay already.Without an overlay to write to, certain functions will not be available, such as upgrading.

If no overlays are defined, or the user operating g-cpan cannot write to an overlay, then anything generated will be written to a temporary space and wiped on exit.However, note that binary modules installed this way may seemingly inexplicably break after upgrading to a newer Fedora release.The reason is Perl does not maintain binary compatibility between major versions.If your distribution does not package bioperl, or if for some reason you prefer to install it from source, then continue reading.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRELIMINARY PREPARATION These are optional, but regardless of your subsequent choice of installation method, it will help to carry out the following steps.

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