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Without an overlay to write to, certain functions will not be available, such as upgrading.BIOPERL INSTALLATION The following are instructions for installing Bio Perl on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X.INSTALLING BIOPERL USING local::lib If you lack permission to install Perl modules into the standard system directories you can install them in your home directory using INSTALLING BIOPERL SCRIPTS Bio Perl comes with a set of production-quality scripts that are kept in the scripts/ directory.

INSTALLING BIOPERL FROM GITHUB The very latest version of Bioperl is at Versions of g-cpan prior to 0.14 performed all of the CPAN related work in ~/As of 0.14, the downloading and exploration of the CPAN module for dependency information is stored in /var/tmp/g-cpan.We also highly recommend (if possible) using a tool like perlbrew to locally install a modern version of perl (a version that is higher than perl 5.16).The linked pages describe how to install each tool; make sure if you install perlbrew that you follow up with installing phase. Remember that there are over 900 modules in Bio Perl and the test suite is running more than 12000 individual tests, a failed test may not affect your usage of Bio Perl.

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