Updating to 3 0 bootcamp in windows

That way if you are in doubt, you can always review and make sure any driver updates are not pushed into your system, and things like security updates are.It might be a good idea to stick to the drivers provided by Apple.Update: Installing the Boot Camp 4.0 drivers helps fix a lot of problems.Boot Camp drivers mostly work, though trackpad functionality was completely absent in Windows 8--you'll have to temporarily plug in an external USB mouse so that you can fix the trackpad drivers.The problem is that one time when I tried to install these updates, it prevented Windows from starting up again.So I'm wondering if it's okay to run all of the Windows updates as they appear, if I have to avoid some of them, or if I have to wait until Apple releases a patch which would permit the updates to be installed without any adverse effects.

To work around this, simply reboot by holding down the power button. Google Chrome and Noogra Nuts completely freeze up my Windows 8, so you'll want to save often and consider using alternative software.I believe that Windows Update will only push updates that are critical (like security updates) and everything else (like driver updates) is listed as optional.I recommend enabling the option that makes Windows Update prompt you whether or not it should install updates when available.The Boot Camp update comes in two versions: one for the latest 2013 model i Mac and Mac Book systems, and another for all other models.If you have a mid-2013 Mac Book Air, a late-2013 Mac Book Pro, or a late-2013 i Mac, then you should download version 5.1.5640 of the update, and owners of all other models should download version 5.1.5621.

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This can be done with tools like Winclone for OS X, or with a number of backup solutions for Window.

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