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The next thing we see, the gunman flees, and Fred is shot and bleeding out on the ground.

Jughead narrates the final moment and says, "People will look back at this moment in time as when Riverdale’s innocence finally died and darkness won, marked by an act of violence that was anything but random."Whew. Well, with more questions than ever, we went straight to Glamour: Well, the episode started with a cliffhanger—literally! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: That was the challenge we had because [when] we ended the murder mystery, we knew we had to take this one to the next level and really justify that choice. Glamour: How soon into season two will we find out who shot Fred Andrews?

Meanwhile, Jughead and Betty declare their love for each other (topped off with a hot and heavy make-out sesh against the wall).

They almost sleep together until the Southside Serpents knock on Jughead's door (naturally).

Penelope Blossom only makes things worse for her daughter by saying the family has always been cursed. Luckily, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead arrive just in time, and Archie saves Cheryl from the unthinkable.

But Cheryl's not the only one struggling mentally (she also sets Thornhill on fire).

many thanks to the cast for welcoming me in, you’re the best.

Betty is also having a hard time coping with the crumbling of her beloved Riverdale and resorts to digging her nails into her hands until they bleed.

It's not the first time we've seen her self-harm, but the problem is only getting worse.

They extend an offer to Jughead to make him one of them now, as Betty—completely troubled by what's happening—looks on.

Things aren't as complicated over at the Lodge mansion, where Archie and Veronica go all the way, but stop short of saying "I love you."Cheryl Blossom struggles to make sense of her life now that she knows her father murdered her brother and then committed suicide in the family's barn. Understandably, Cheryl feels the only option is to end her life, so she goes to Sweetwater River and prepares to drown herself in the icy waters.

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