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The latest is the feminist government, spearheaded by Stefan Löfven, which insists that Sweden is and ought to be a frontrunner in the area of gender equality.On its home page the government writes that Sweden has great international reputational capital to maintain and develop.

The number of men in parliament has instead gone up in two consecutive elections, as has the number of men in parliamentary committees and as committee chairpersons.

Private business has not succeeded in bridging the gender gap by voluntary incentives. As far as financial equality is concerned, the employment market and businesses still have a clear lack of equality.

A strong gender divide is still prevalent in the jobs market and a large number of women work part time.

But despite a slight decrease in gender segregation – women's work hours have increased and women's levels of education are higher than men's – it has only had a very small effect on wages.

Even taking various parameters such as age, education, work hours and that women and men are found in different sectors and work groups, women's salaries have stayed at 93 percent of men's salaries.

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It is problematic that progress in Sweden is more or less standing still.

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