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Now, Badu is finally opening up about the rumors and setting the record straight on what really went down with Kendrick.As fans will remember, the rumors were first sparked when Kendrick and Badu hit the stage together at the 2013 BET Awards when Badu sang alongside the rapper for a jazzy and soulful rendition of his hit song “B—-, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” The powerhouse performance ended with Badu and Kendrick holding hands as they walked to the back of the stage and sat down together as the curtains closed.He is failing to realize that she was the one who was there when he was in Greensboro, NC selling black market movies on VHS and DVD.Both Erykah and Carl are some dirty lowdown people, but it is okay because Karma is a bit**.She knew he was married when she chose to seek out a relationship with him.Her boyfriend “Carl Jones” sits around and tries to bash his wife after he basically abandoned her and his kids, but takes care of Erykah Badu kids.

And then at the same token that whole spiritual things is real.

Her new boyfriend is a married man with three kids.

She smiled in his wife face saying that you have such a beautiful family all the time while secretly plotting to break up their home.

We’re both Pisces.”“She definitely was not like, ‘wear this.’ It was something that was coming from me.

Moving to New York I had the aspirations to do something new, to change, to grow, just try new things.

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