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The growth of the steel industry brought prosperity to the community.Broadway was known as a commercial center for the region. Steel Gary Works employed over 30,000 in 1970, declined to just 6,000 by 1990, and further declined to 5,100 in August 2015. Rapid racial change occurred in Gary during the late 20th century.In April 2011, 75-year-old mayor Rudy Clay announced that he would be suspending his campaign for reelection owing to ongoing treatments for prostate cancer.

Gary was the site of civil unrest in the Steel Strike of 1919. Shortly thereafter, over 4,000 federal troops under the command of Major General Leonard Wood arrived to restore order.While some of the school buildings have been reused, most remain unused since their closing.As of 2014, Gary is considering closing additional schools in response to budget deficits.Then-deputy mayor and former Calumet Township trustee Dozier T.Allen Jr., became acting mayor pending a formal election by local Democratic party officials.

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Since the 1930s, Gary had developed a reputation as a tough city due to rampant political corruption, racial violence & segregation, labor unrest, and industrial pollution.

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