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How can you as a teacher help your students make the best decision?

To narrow down options, it helps to reflect on their personal strengths and interests. Do they have a desire to explore how dance can cross over into other topics? Perhaps a dancer isn't ready financially (or in terms of maturity) to commit to a four-year program, but what if their circumstances change?

People won't connect to how high your leg is or what crazy tricks you can do. And when you feel it, they feel it." Oversexualizing young kids has been a hot topic among dance teachers in recent years.

It's arguably the most controversial topic teachers and studio owners are faced with. Is this popular song too suggestive for a competition piece?

So I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Fik-Shun, whose momentum may be slowing a bit, will be up for elimination for the first time this season, along with Paul, who was great but danced in a genre less popular with core "SYTYCD" viewers.

oth my knees started hurting after I would exercise.

If it is, do you have any tips to help my knee pain?

Christy Curtis had been teaching advanced-level jazz in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area for nearly 20 years when she decided to open her own studio.

(Tucker almost ended up in a wheelchair after breaking his spine in a car crash.)" data-reactid="22"So, who among this remaining eight will be in the bottom four next Tuesday?

Normally I'd say Tucker would be at risk, but it's hard to imagine no one voting for him after his heartstring-tugging routine with Robert (which was also in the pimp slot at the end of the show).

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Tune in next week to see if my predictions are right!

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