Dating dealbreakers for men

As for that annoying ex that keeps coming around, 73 per cent are not for it.In terms of lying, however, there’s a bit of a grey area.Twelve per cent of women say little white lies are acceptable while 25 per cent say fibbing is OK under certain circumstances.But 62 per cent say that full-out lying is a big dealbreaker.

However, men are more likely to date a penny pincher than women.Yes, of course, everyone looks at the photos as a first sort. If you don't say much, or say only banal stuff that almost anybody else might say (e.g., 'I love romantic walks on the beach') it says that you're either boring, or you don't know yourself." -Doug, 55 Ranting About Dating Sites ( ...On A Dating Site)"Girls will often complain about the quality of men they are talking to on their profile.According to the survey’s results, the preferences of men aren’t all that different than women with exception of a few areas.For men, having a partner who’s in shape is slightly more important as 29 per cent say it is a must-have trait.

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