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A paved loop trail passes by each mound with interpretive signs detailing each one’s history. Port Orange 1755 Martin’s Dairy Road, 386-736-5953 One of the Timucua Indians’ larger habitations is in the Spruce Creek basin as evidence by the wealth of archaeological sites and resources there many of which are yet to be discovered.

Among the known resources are some of the largest and most extensive prehistoric shell mounds in Florida and the nation many so high they were used as major navigational landmarks during early colonial times.

Moten Generations ago, Native Americans built shell mounds in Florida. These curious Native American sites are scattered around Florida.

Generations ago these shell mounds in Florida were looted for road building; today the cherished relics are understood to be more than just slag heaps of mastodon teeth and bone. While most of the stories and rituals have been lost to time there is enough left to allow us to step back 1,000 years.

Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site one of North Florida’s premier archaeological sites was built between 1 200 and 1 500 A. the site served as the political and religious center for Native American cultures in the area just north of Tallahassee.

Fort Myers Beach 451 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, 239-765-0865 This beautifully landscaped property on Estero Bay, owned by the Town of Fort Myers Beach, includes the oldest standing structure on Estero Island — the William H.Check out the visitor center to learn more about the animals found on the island and history of the area.Pineland 13810 Waterfront Drive, 239-283-2157 edu/rrc The Randell Research Center is dedicated to teaching visitors about the culture history and environment of Southwest Florida and its earliest inhabitants the Calusa Indian tribe.Visitors often hike to the top of it for a magnificent view of the entire site. Florida’s first inhabitants traveled long distances to Crystal River for ritual burials and to trade goods and services.Built by pre-Columbian Indians the Crystal River Archaeological State Park contains burial mounds temple/platform mounds and a midden. National Historic Landmark in 1990 was used for ceremonial purposes and the visitor center houses tools jewelry and pottery recovered from the site.

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