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Animal action is minimal in the film acting primarily as atmosphere.

Corrina not only works for the Singer's , but does cleaning for wealthy families.

After numerous interviews and one unfortunate incident with applicants for the babysitter position, Manny hires Corrina.

It would have been an interesting and quirky look into the issue of race if her perceptions had been followed throughout.

Perhaps responsive to this, Ray Liotta, who mastered the guise of the Irish-turned-Italian Mafioso in "Goodfellas," was also nothing extraordinary.

He plays the recently widowed Manny Singer who is busily trying to piece his life back together after his wife's death.

With the mechanism of the child supported by Majorino's entertaining portrayal, the film might provoke little kids to consider the subject of race.

But it ultimately leaves an insincere and unrealistic view for children to consider.

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