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She was pretty sure their daughter was already having sex with the boy down the street but she held her tongue. Are you sure this is the only way she can perform this...test? Why don't we get a second opinion from someone else? "She's been our doctor through thick and thin honey. "I don't know honey, this whole thing is freaking me out. Diane was apprehensive but was more interested elsewhere as she watched her son squirm in his seat. Diane didn't really want to see or hear any of this although she suddenly realized she couldn't remember the last time her husband had did this for her. It has been months -- no, years -- since the last time her husband was able to make her feel this horny, this wanted, this hot. Her arms were around her son's back, gently pulling him into her. Linda, when not enjoying the show, would glance at the monitor to ensure all was well."Jimmy, sweetie, could you maybe speed it up a little bit? Linda needs to complete her tests after all..." It sounded good to her at first but she shortly realized how detrimental this would be to her plan. "No, no, I completely understand, thank you for notifying me and we'll see you at today." She hung up. He was becoming very comfortable talking about sex with his mom. His horniness made him brave as he grabbed his mother's tit and started massaging it through the soft material. Diane let out a small moan as she sped up her bobbing. She was careful, understanding these were the family jewels, but it obviously drove him wild. She felt the familiar slipperiness between her thighs.

Diane realized this was a dead end and there was no point in arguing with him. I could let him do me." Her husband turned to look at her as if she had grown a second head. Are you sure you want to actually go through with this? She didn't want to see any more because she didn't find this very appealing. She knew she was a squirter if her orgasm was electric enough. Jimmy sped up his fucking and Diane hissed at the onslaught. He kept glancing over at her legs which were barely covered by her black skirt. "Oooh mom, I feel something..." She continued to bob up and down, but slower and more focused. Suddenly, his hips began to move upwards to meet her mouth. Sucking on her own son's dick had made her incredibly horny.

" Jimmy was shocked at his mother’s choice of topic. It's good that you're educating yourself." Jimmy asked her a question for a change. " "Well sweetie, Doctor Hamsley wants to perform some tests on you while you're having...well, sex. "Don't worry honey, I'll guide you through it and help you with everything. There's just one thing that you have to keep in mind that’s very, very important. you have to pull out when you feel your um, your orgasm coming. He kept eying his still barely clothed mother out of the corner of his eyes. He couldn't get a hard on because of how nervous he was. Hamsley got up and stood next to Jimmy, watching Diane as she finished taking her skirt off. As they went past her knees she knew she could stop all this if she wanted. She tried to tell herself that this wouldn't be a big deal when looked at from the future but she didn't believe herself. She tried to angle herself so he couldn't see her completely. She knew he had a fragile ego so she made sure to put him at ease so everything would go smoothly. "OK Mom, sure, looks like you really are ready to go, no problem with me. " He did as he was instructed, standing next to the table, the tip of his boner shiny under the lights. Doctor Hamsley took hold of a remote that was connected to the table by a thick cord. "About as ready as I'll ever be, I-I guess." "Come up here, Jimmy," she motioned with her arm as she stood at the front of the table. Linda put a hand on either side of his body, guiding him between his mother’s thighs. She felt the heat between her legs rising up into her stomach. "That's right, just climb right up there, lay on top of your mother, just like that..good Jimmy! She looked down at Diane and met her eyes and then rubbed Jimmy's cock head up and down the length of her exposed womanhood. She kept on driving while turning these ideas over in her head. You know it won't be as good as the other day, right? She was looking for a quiet dark spot somewhere in the corner. One, you can't tell anyone about any of this, two, touch my hair or my head and we're done, three, you just sit there quietly, four, as a matter of fact, just keep your hands to yourself, and five, only break your silence to let me know when you have to, um, cum. Jimmy unbuttoned his pants and lifted his ass up off the seat and pulled his boxers and jeans down in one swift move. "OK honey, now just relax and enjoy yourself," she said as she unfastened her seat belt.

Diane was a good mother and very devoted to her family.

Family activities were rather normal: picnics on the beach during the summer and ice skating during the winter.

When her kids got sick she took them to the doctor. He seemed to get very anxious and sweaty when I entered the room." "Well you are an attractive woman, doctor, and he's just barely entering his teen years.

She was a pragmatic woman who understood that her husband's job was key in affording a good lifestyle for her kids. " Diane got up with a worried look on her face and followed Dr. They entered her office at the end of the long corridor."Please make yourself comfortable," Dr. You know how their hormones are at this point," Diane responded."Of course, but I did some blood pressure tests and they proved worrisome.

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